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Little Explorers Preschool values the importance of supporting children in developing their social emotional skills for which all higher-level thinking is built upon. By encouraging our students to reflect and be present throughout the day promotes self-regulation and problem solving skills. We as a whole implement these practices in exploratory ways in addition to organized experiences to promote mindfulness.
These will bring a lot of benefits to their upbringing that include: a boost of self esteem, developing confidence, enhances focus, promotes compassion, builds upon happiness, introduces empathy, and so much more!

Meet The Owner


Ashley Alva

Meet The Owner

I am the owner, Ashley Alva. My passion is creating a foundation that will encourage a lasting love for learning. I am a child Development professional and worked with children for over 14 years! I have four boys that I was able to raise at home while I ran my in-home daycare from 2008-2020. I offer high-quality care which includes a lot of love and comfort. We also teach practical skills such as gardening, cooking, baking, and much more! We encourage all family traditions into our program. We know the importance of family values and we love to include them into our curriculum. We teach each child about responsibility and give them small tasks daily. These important lessons will create a Strong Foundation for a bright future.

Our Amazing Team at Little Explorers!

At Little Explorers, we believe that a dedicated and passionate team is the cornerstone of a great early childhood education experience. Our amazing team consists of highly trained and experienced professionals who are committed to providing a nurturing, safe, and stimulating environment for your child. Each member of our team brings unique skills and a genuine love for working with children, ensuring that every child receives the individualized attention and support they need to thrive. From our caring teachers and attentive support staff to our knowledgeable administrators, everyone at Little Explorers is devoted to fostering a love of learning and exploration in every child. We are proud of the warm, family-like atmosphere we have created, where children feel valued, happy, and inspired to learn. Join us at Little Explorers and experience the dedication and excellence of our exceptional team.

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